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Parents Outraged After Child Comes Home With Hands Looking Like This (Photos)

Chinese school officials had to apologize to parents after a physical education teacher reportedly punished students by making them walk on their hands until their palms bled.

The alleged incident occurred in Xixiang Middle School in China’s southern Guangdong province, reported.

When parents saw photos of the children with bleeding palms, they questioned their children.

The children reportedly told their parents their physical education teacher disciplined them for trying to cut class. The teacher allegedly made the students walk on their hands until their palms bled. The teacher is an intern, according to

Photographs of the wounds came to light and the local educational bureau ordered school officials and the teacher to apologize to the parents. The school officials and the teacher apologized in person.

WARNING: Graphic photos.

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(Photos of students' bleeding palms. Photo Credit: CEN via

Some students defended the teacher, saying he was only disciplining them for trying to skip class. The students reportedly asked their parents not to blame the school for the unusual punishment.

The school has also offered to pay for medical expenses for the punished students.

Sources: / Photo credit: Artotem/FlickrKevin/Flickr


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