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Parents of Missing Iowa Girl Lyric Cook have Criminal Past

Last Friday, 10-year-old Lyric Cook and her eight-year-old cousin, Elizabeth Collins, disappeared while out for a bike ride in Evansdale, Iowa. Now, some unsettling information concerning Cook’s parents, Misty and Daniel Morrissey, are emerging.

The Morrisseys (pictured above) have said they have nothing to do with the disappearance of Cook or Collins, but the new information may change the public’s view of them from grieving parents to dangerous felons.

According to Black Hawk County records, both parents have multiple drug convictions. Daniel is awaiting trial for a drug arrest last year, while Misty was released from prison less than two months ago after serving time in prison for nine different crimes, including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine, illegal drug use, excessive alcohol use, and failure to comply with drug testing.

Beyond those criminal charges, it was discovered that Misty was a key member of a major meth ring eight years ago. Misty claims the family has dealt with its law-breaking history and that it doesn’t have anything to do with the disappearance.

Regardless of Misty’s claims, there has been speculation that they are responsible for the two girls’ deaths. Due to their sordid past, this is only to be expected.

Misty insists that the investigation stays focused on finding Cook and Collins rather than pointing the finger at them. She claims they have been extensively questioned and interviewed and have even taken polygraph tests.

Many of their personal items, like laptops and cell phones, have been taken for investigation. During a long interview, Daniel immediately stormed out when law enforcement officials accused him of killing the two girls.

To some, it may seem extreme to immediately jump the gun based on the parents’ past, but the Morrisseys have been having problems as recently as weeks before the disappearance. According to Daily Mail, they were preparing to file for divorce and already separated.

Since the disappearance, more than 350 volunteers have searched for Cook and Collins. So far, nothing has been found and there are no leads.

Elizabeth Collins is on the left. Lyric Cook on the right.


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