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Parents of Missing 20-Year-Old Student Sue the Three Men Last Seen With Her

The parents of an Indiana University student who went missing in June 2011 are now suing the three men that were with her the night she disappeared.

Lauren Spierer, 20, was just 4 feet, 11 inches and 94 pounds. She was last seen in Bloomington, Ind., on June 3, 2011. Her parents, Rob and Charlene Spierer, filed suit against her fellow students Corey Rossman, Jason Rosenbaum and Michael Beth citing “negligence resulting in the disappearance, death or injury of an adult child.”

The claim alleges the three men, who were with Spierer at various times the night of her disappearance, knew she was “extremely intoxicated to the point of incapacitation” and that they owed her “a duty of care.”

The suit also charges Rossman and Rosenbaum “negligence per se” and “dram shop,” which means damages are sought for providing alcohol to someone who is clearly intoxicated.

Since 2011, her parents from Greenburgh, N.Y., have said the men might not have been honest about what happened that evening. Their attorney, Jason Barclay, said in a statement that the suit was filed “with great reluctance” because the parents knew they have only two years to file anything before they “would lose certain legal rights.”

“We hope no one will misinterpret this action,” Barclay said. “Any parent in search of information about a missing child would use every resource available to them.”

Despite claiming the men owed their daughter “a duty of care” the suit does show that Beth tried to persuade Spierer to sleep on his couch because she was so intoxicated.

It states that Rosenbaum tried to arrange for mutual friends to pick Spierer up, “expressing concern about Spierer’s well-being and safety.” That didn’t work out and the claim says Rosenbaum acknowledged that he allowed her to leave anyway and saw her go. He was reportedly the last person to see Spierer before she vanished.

Her parents say they are not entirely convinced that their daughter ever left the apartment. Spierer’s parents have made several public statements with strong words for Rossman, Beth and Rosenbaum.

“We still believe that she may not have left Corey and Mike’s or Jay’s apartment,” Rob Spierer recently told the Journal-News.

Filed in Monroe Circuit Court, the suit says Spierer was out partying at a sports bar, Kilroy’s, in Blooming the night of June 2 and was last seen around 4:30 a.m. on June 3.

Her story was featured on “America’s Most Wanted,” but no more answers about their daughter’s whereabouts were ever provided. A web site set up by her parents says she was last wearing black pants and white tank top with white top.

“We fully expect that those with relevant information will cooperate with this process,” Barclay said.

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