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Parents Of Lukas Williams Suing After Child Was Brutally Spanked At School

The parents of a five-year-old child from Morgan County, Tennessee have filed a $1.7 million lawsuit after their child was spanked aggressively by former Sunbright Elementary School principal Elizabeth Boyd. The lawsuit is being filed against both Boyd and the Morgan County school district.

The incident occurred in August of 2012.

The spanking from Boyd left child Lukas Williams badly bruised. The boy’s parents, Sandra Hall and Jason Williams, were forced to remove Williams from the school and home school him.

The couple said they gave the school to permission to gently spank their son if he needed discipline. Boyd seems to have ignored the “gently” part of the parent’s request.

Boyd spanked Williams eight times after he threw crayons in class. Lukas came home from school that day deeply bruised and terrified of returning to class.

“My child wasn’t spanked,” Hall said. “He was beaten.”

Boyd was suspended from Morgan County schools as a result of the incident, but weeks later parents were enraged to find that Boyd had been reassigned to an assistant principal position at a local middle school.

“She needs to go,” Hall told local media at the time. “This is for the safety of our kids. This isn’t just about the safety of my child. It’s about the safety of every child in this county. We want her out of Morgan County.”

The Morgan County Sheriff eventually conducted an investigation of Boyd’s spanking. She was charged with child abuse and neglect. The Morgan County Sheriff’s office has not announced what legal action they will pursue against Boyd at this time. Corporal punishment is legal in Tennessee, so the issue may not be as cut-and-dry as it seems. 

Boyd is no longer employed by the Morgan County school system. Her resume lists her as an online facilitator with the University of Phoenix.

Lukas is still being home schooled by his parents. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Caller


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