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Parents Left Stunned After Hearing 7-Week-Old Baby's First Words (Video)

Irish couple Toni and Paul McCann were shocked when their 7-week-old baby boy spoke for the first time.

Mrs. McCann was filming her son Cillian when he spoke for the first time. She reported that he had attempted to communicate for some time before finally uttering the word “hello.”

“I’d read that babies communicate from a young age and to give them space to answer when you talk to them,” Mrs. McCann told the News Letter. “That’s what I was doing that day and because he was so alert and making such good eye contact I decided to video him.”

Cillian can be seen attempting to talk as he moves his mouth in the video. After several attempts, he finally verbalizes his first word.

“If I hadn’t have videod it I’m sure people wouldn’t have believed me,” Mrs. McCann said. “I don’t think I would have believed it myself.”

Mrs. McCann added that she’s been telling her son “I love you” for the past few days and she has witnessed him trying to mimic her.

In response to the video, many people have said the baby had brightened their day. Others have said they can’t stop watching the video. Some commenters have argued that the content isn’t real, but edited.

Mrs. McCann said that she’s glad her son has been able to spread so much joy when there’s “so much bad” in the world.

Sources: DailyMailNY Post / Photo Credit: YouTube


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