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Parents Laugh At Gun Activist Who Wants Guns In Schools (Video)

A controversial Ann Arbor Board of Education meeting took place in Michigan on March 11.

Ann Arbor school board President Deb Mexicotte endorsed a resolution that would call for state lawmakers to ban guns from schools, noted

Ann Arbor schools Superintendent Jeanice Swift added, "The presence of guns in schools runs contrary to everything we are wired for in education."

But several members of the pro-gun group Michigan Open Carry also spoke against the resolution, including Joshua Wade.

"Allowing guns in schools just makes sense," Wade stated, which brought laughter from attendees, noted (video below).

"The reason that we have seen so many tragic school shootings is that laws across the nation have made our schools mass murder enablement zones," Wade claimed. noted that Wade carried a handgun into Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor on March 5 during a choir concert.

7 Action News reported that a man named "Josh" was carrying a gun, prompting a teacher to call the police.

Josh, who identified himself "as a Christian," told 7 Action News that he had a moral responsibility to protect his family at the school.

(Note: Wade is the seocnd speaker in the video below).

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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