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Parents Sentenced To 130 Years For Child Abuse

Parents Sentenced To 130 Years For Child Abuse Promo Image

An Oklahoma couple has been sentenced to 130 years in prison each for abusing their 9-month-old twin daughters.

Aislyn Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, were convicted of five counts of felony child neglect, reports the Daily Mail.

Police arrested the parents after authorities found the emaciated "skeleton-like" babies at their home in December 2016. The home was in poor condition; police found cat feces on the walls and maggots in the children's playpen.

Both had severe diaper rashes and sores, and one even had feces in her ear.  

"It’s my estimation that your kids were on death’s door," Judge William Musseman told the couple on Nov. 13, reports Tulsa World.

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During a medical examination, doctors say a maggot crawled out of one child's genitals.

"It’s what we would term as shocking and heinous," said Kristi Simpson, a DHS investigator.

An Owasso police sergeant said it was the "worst case of child abuse" he had ever seen.

The couple's older children, aged 2 and 3 at the time, were also neglected.

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Miller and Fowler told police they had limited health insurance and were unable to receive medical treatment for the babies. They added they were overwhelmed working long hours at a Macy's distribution center while parenting four children with little help.

Rita Fowler, Kevin's 65-year-old mother, and Aislyn's parents, Johnny and Cathey Miller, face child neglect and failure to report charges.

The incident caused quite a stir on the internet.

"Since all the family members knew what was going on, I hope none of them ever get custody of the kids or are allowed to see them ever again," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

"Way to go Judge!!!!!" wrote another. "There is no excuse at all for that type of treatment. Obviously the "mother" has never missed a meal. And not one of the grandparents pitched in to help? No one could clean the house or bath the children? I hope that some loving family has all 4 children. Clearly the parents will never get them back."

However, some thought the punishment imposed on the parents was too extreme.

"Actual killers get less time... they should be punished, but this seems extreme for no deaths," one said.

"That is the one thing i admire about america....they know how to hand out proper sentences...I have to admit, this one seems a little harsh....20 years would have been sufficient....or am I going soft in my old age," wrote another. " In the UK, they wouldn't have got even 5 years for this."

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