South Carolina Couple Gets 20 Years For Daughter's Death

The parents of a 2-month-old baby were sentenced to 20 years in jail on March 23 for their role in the child’s death in December 2012.

Jordan and Sara Hodson from Pelion, South Carolina, were charged with fatal child neglect after their daughter, Makenna, was found to have a series of injuries, according to Daily Mail.

Makenna had a perforation in her stomach, which resulted in her suffering from septic shock syndrome. Doctors attempted to save her after she was brought to a hospital on Dec. 11, 2012, but it was too late.

Makenna’s autopsy uncovered several broken bones and traces of methamphetamine in her system. After detectives searched the home, they located equipment for a meth lab in the bedroom where Makenna’s crib was.

Meth smoking devices were also discovered.

Jordan and Sara were arrested after the explanations they offered for Makenna’s injuries did not match the results of a medical investigation.

“The mother has been heard making comments like: 'I don't want this child. This child is driving me crazy. I feel like taking this child and throwing it up against the wall and doing away with it,’” Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said at the time of the couple’s arrest in December 2012, according to WIS. “There's been a lot of information that has come to our attention to make us believe this child has been mistreated for the two months of its life.”

Sara and Jordan were allegedly in an on-and-off relationship, according to reports at the time.

On the day Makenna died, Sara called Jordan to say the kids were “driving her crazy” and asked him to come over to help take care of them, Patch reported.

Both parents apologized for their actions at an initial court hearing.

“I apologize for actions that led up to this,” Jordan said, according to WIS. “I’m a positive force in this world, never meant to hurt my daughter.”

Sara was in tears at the hearing.

“I'm really sorry,” she added. "I just can't believe this happened. I love my kids."

The couple’s three other children were taken into protective custody at the time of Makenna’s death.

Sources: Daily Mail, Patch, WIS/ Photo credit: Lexington County Sheriff’s Department via WIS

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