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Parents Plead Guilty To Starving Young Children

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A Pennsylvania couple admitted to starving their three young children more than a year after the children were found days away from death in their home.

According to the Daily Mail, Joshua and Brandi Weyant were arrested in December 2016 after an anonymous tip was submitted to police claiming that the couple were abusing their children.

The couple's two daughters, ages 4 and 5, and their 6-year-old son, were found emaciated in their home. They were all reportedly covered in filth and weighed under 30 pounds.

On Feb. 15, the parents pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, false imprisonment, and conspiracy. Both are said to be facing a minimum of 10 years in prison.

The children were reportedly found covered in bruises and abrasions, and were living in a dirty, locked room. They all had lice and were covered in human urine and feces, as well as animal hair.

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Prosecutors said following the couple's arrest that the parents decided they no longer wanted to look after their children, so they locked them in a room in their home and starved them.

After the children were found, they were taken to a doctor, who said that they were just days away from death when they were rescued from the home.

"They looked like they had walked out of a concentration camp," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle.

The children were so thin when they were found that doctors could see their bones through their skin.

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After being rescued from the home, the children were all taken into foster care.

In February 2017, Penn Live reported that the children were "thriving" after police became involved. Gettle said that the children all doubled in weight just months after being found.

After being arrested, Brandi and Joshua reportedly gave confused statements to police. The mother told investigators that none of the children were hers or Joshua's biologically. However, neighbors who were interviewed told police that she was in fact the mother.

Gettle said that the prosecution has photos showing the horrific condition inside the family's home, particularly the room in which the children were kept.

"I know that there have been pictures out in the media that show a room with lots of things, but the reality was the room police found that day was completely empty," she said. "There were no beds in the room. There were no toys in that room. The only thing was the paint peeling off the walls."

The children told police that they were locked in the room with no heat for long periods of time, even in freezing weather, and that they were violently assaulted by their parents.

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