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Parents Could Get 130 Years For Abusing Twin Daughters

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Oklahoma police called it the "worst case of child abuse" they had ever seen. Now, the two parents involved could each serve up to 130 years in prison.

On Oct. 13, 24-year-old Aislyn Miller and 25-year-old Kevin Fowler were convicted on five counts of child neglect after their 9-month-old twin girls were found starved and in unlivable conditions, reports Tulsa World. Each weighed around 8 pounds at the time.

A jury in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recommended that both parents be sentenced to 30 years for the first four counts of child neglect and 10 years on the fifth, though they will hear the final word from a judge on Nov. 13.

It began in early December 2016, when police were notified of possible child abuse after the two infants -- who were reportedly in horrific shape -- were taken to an urgent care facility.

Medical workers said that the girls looked like skeletons. They had bed sores and advanced diaper rash, but their injuries extend far beyond that to the grotesque: one girl reportedly had feces in her ear. One had a piece of hair wrapped around her finger that was never removed and had turned into an infected wound, while the other reportedly had a maggot in her genitals that crawled out while hospital staff looked at her.

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"It's what we would term as shocking and heinous," DHS investigator Kristi Simpson said during a preliminary hearing, according to Tulsa World.

The home's walls had cat feces smeared all around, and more maggots were found in the girls' playpen.

When questioned by authorities, Fowler and Miller reportedly explained that they were new parents caring for four small children. They said that they worked long hours with limited resources, and it was all too much for them to handle.

Police said Miller also told them she did not have health insurance, and she had been unable to figure out how to get them affordable care for their ailments, which she attributed to them being born premature.

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Police arrested Miller and Fowler at the hospital.

Fowler's mother, Rita, has also been charged with multiple counts of child neglect, though no verdict has been reached in that case, notes KJRH. The infants' maternal grandparents, John and Cathey Miller, will be tried in April to determine whether or not they bear responsibility for the girls' abuse and neglect.

After their release from the hospital, the girls entered into protective custody, and they are making fast progress, a doctor testified.

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