Parents Expose Child's 'Demoralizing' Punishment At School (Photos)


Parents in Texas were outraged by the “demoralizing” way their son was disciplined at school, and shared photos online to expose the shocking punishment.

Lilian Snowden, of New Braunfels, Texas, said her 9-year-old son, Alex, was often forced to spend time in a room at Carl Schurz Elementary School called the focus room, where children would go to serve in-school suspension, KXAN reports. Alex told his parents that he visited the focus room “almost every day” while at school – one time for two straight days.

According to Snowden, her son was subjected to no food, no bathroom breaks and no exercise while in the focus room, and was forced to sit inside of a drawn circle on the floor for the duration of the punishment. The room, Snowden said, was freezing cold.

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Snowden became aware of the focus room after being allowed to visit her son while he was serving his suspension time of 90 minutes. She reportedly attempted five times to enter the room and retrieve her son, but was denied. When she finally was allowed inside the room, she found Alex in the corner crying hysterically.

“Taking any child, putting him in a freezing cold room, if not freezing, cold enough his hands are in his shirt; after 90 minutes we discovered our child huddled in a corner in hysterics,” Alex’s father, Trevor, told KXAN. “It’s demoralizing. As an adult, imagine being told to do that.”

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Snowden said she demanded that she be called every time her son, who was diagnosed as hyperactive, is sent to the principal’s office.

“I can be here in three minutes,” she said, according to KXAN. She also insisted that the school allow her to accompany her son to class every day, which officials denied.

According to Snowden, she will pull Alex out of the school for the rest of the year if she is ultimately not allowed to come with him. Snowden also said that her son would be homeschooled next year as a result of the punishment he was subjected to.

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Sources: KXAN, Helping Alex

Photo Credit: helpingalex.squarespace.com


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