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Parents Of Drunk Driving Victim Make Unexpected Discovery In Her Room (Photo)

A 21-year-old woman’s bucket list has inspired her parents and others to complete her wish list after her untimely death.

Kristina Chesterman was killed by a drunk driver while riding her bike in Chico, California. A memorial, featuring her bike adorned with flowers, marks the place of her death.

While cleaning out her apartment, Kristina’s parents discovered a make-up bag that did not feature make-up, but a bucket list of things Kristina wanted to accomplish in her life.

"I opened up a drawer and I found just this make-up bag," her mom Sandra told CBS News.  "I mean what kid writes a bucket list? There's not many.”

There were a variety of things on Kristina’s bucket list, like visiting Niagara Falls, saving lives—Kristina was studying to be a nurse—and having two guys fight for her affection.

"She wanted to tour Niagara Falls. Save someone's life, which she did that, many times over," Sandra said. "By donating her organs, she saved lives. This next one makes me laugh. She wanted to break up a fight between two guys over her, which I think is so cute. And I don't know that it ever happened, but it should have."

Finding the list inspired Kristina’s parents to complete what they could on the list for their daughter.

"Because she didn't get to do this, we wanted to complete it for her," said her father David.

Some of the items they have completed thus far are visiting Niagara Falls, taking flying lessons, and running through a field of poppies.

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Their story reached social media and others took notice of the desire to complete Kristina’s bucket list.

The “Remembering Kristina Chesterman” Facebook page was created and others are posting their journeys there, reports The Blaze. Most of the people are strangers to the Chesterman family.

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“I think that it is just amazing that she could have that effect on someone who never even know her,” David said.

David and Sandra find remembering their daughter’s “zest for life” through the bucket list more fulfilling than trying to forget.

Photo Credit: CBS News


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