Parents Convicted Of Assault After Spanking Teen Daughter For Sexting

A mom and dad in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada, were convicted on Jan. 19 for assault with a weapon for spanking their 14-year-old daughter, who sent nude photos to a young man on the cellphone app Snapchat.

The dad found references in text messages to the nude pictures (Snapchat images disappear after a few seconds) when he took away his daughter's cellphone on Feb. 14, 2015, notes Kamloops This Week.

The parents, who have not been identified to protect their child's identity, testified in court that they gave their daughter the choice between being grounded or spanked.

The teen chose the spanking, and her father used a plastic mini hockey stick on her bottom while she was wearing pajama pants. The mom spanked the teen with a jump rope, notes The Canadian Press.

However, when the teen went to school, her friends told school administrators about her lacerations and bruises, and the administrators called the police.

The teen's father said during the trial that he had no idea Canadian law didn't allow spanking or that he was breaking any laws.

However, Judge Edmond de Walle wrote in his ruling: “The testimony of the father regarding the injuries to his daughter suggests that he is downplaying the seriousness of the events that took place in the garage of his home."

“At the very least the father’s evidence leads me to conclude that he gave little thought, if any, to the possible injuries suffered by his daughter."

De Walle noted that the parents based their punishment of using a "rod" on the Bible, but their daughter could not have agreed to the punishment due to the objects used to spank her and the injuries that she suffered.

“The parents took no educative or corrective steps by seeking out expert help or any other assistance to discuss their daughter’s actions with her," the judge wrote. "Their actions were solely punitive and not corrective.”

The parents have not yet been sentenced.

Sources: The Canadian Press via The Vancouver SunKamloops This Week, Provincial Court of British Columbia / Photo Credit: Chris Potter/Flickr

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