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Parents Complain About School 'Pay to Pee' Policy After Broke Third Graders Wet Their Pants

A group of Washington parents are outraged at their children’s elementary school for their “pay-to-potty” policy that charges students fake money to use the bathroom.

Nine-year-old Reem Al-Ayadhi reportedly suffered an embarrassing accident when she didn’t have the 50 “dollars” necessary to use the school bathroom. She’d spent her last fake dollars on popcorn like her friends, her mother told KATU.

Mill Plains Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington has students accrue fake money from doing good deeds or doing well on school work, which they then have to budget to buy treats—but also to use the facilities.

Mom Jasmine Al-Ayadhi sees the bathroom practice as cruel and unnecessary.

"When it comes to using the bathroom, having to hold her pee, and if she wants to use the bathroom, you make a choice," Al-Ayadhi said. "OK, if you want to use the bathroom it's going to cost you $50, but then you don't have money to buy popcorn. What do you think a child's going to do?"

Reem had to wear a change of clothes provided by the school after her accident.

"It didn't feel so well because I had to wear boy pants and I did get teased,” Reem said.

Learning self-discipline shouldn't come at the expense of health, the angry mom says. 

"This is a school," Al-Ayadhi said. "This isn't a jail. This isn't a prison. We send our kids to school to learn and to get a good education."

Another Mill Plains parent complained about the policy, according to KIRO-TV.

A similar policy made headlines in 2012 when an Irving, Texas student wet his pants because he didn’t have the bucks to cover a trip to the toilet.

Sources: KATU, KIRO-TV


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