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Parents Of Children Involved In Toddler-Bullying Viral Video Speak Out (VIDEO)

Answers are starting to emerge about a viral video that has been making its rounds on the Internet that shows a toddler being bullied by a group of kids who are being encouraged by an older child who can be heard but not seen. In the video, a young girl is seen sitting on a plastic bike as two older girls yell at her.

"You ugly,” they yell in unison.

“Don’t follow us again,” says one of the girls.

Then the girl, 5, spits in the younger girl’s face. It turns out she is 3. The other girl grabs the toddler’s hand and starts hitting her with it while the boy who is filming asks, “Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?” It has been reported that the boy is 12.

The abuse in the video continues for quite some time and the clip ends with one of the girls pushing the toddler over.

According to LiveLeak, the video was linked to the Facebook account of someone named Ray Wright. The clip was initially posted under the name “when white people piss of [sic] black people part 1.”

The 3-year-old girl’s father, Shawn, told a Minnesota TV station he is “disgusted” with the incident. He said he did not even know what had happened until the father of the other children came to apologize.

The father of the other children, Eddie, said that this behavior is not something that allowed in his home, The Blaze reported.

“I honestly don’t know where it comes from," Eddie said. "We don’t teach that in our household. We’re not racist, none of that.”

Eddie said the teenager who orchestrated the whole thing is being disciplined.

“He’s punished and getting dealt with,” Eddie said. “Internet, everything — privileges taken away. We’re dealing with it as a family.”

The video is below:

Sources: The BlazeLiveLeak


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