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Parents Charged With Murder For Locking Disabled Son In Freezer, Leaving Him To Die

A mother and father in Arkhangelsk, Russia were charged with the murder of their disabled son this week.

According to Mirror, Karp Ulyanov and his wife left their disabled four-year-old son in a freezer overnight. The child’s frozen body was found days later when his visiting grandfather opened the freezer.

Ulyanov and his wife say they have no clue how their son was left in the freezer, and claim they were “extremely drunk” on the night he was frozen alive.

A local police spokesman says the department is “investigating the circumstances of this death.”

This case may remind readers of Tyler Deutsch, the Washington resident who was sentenced to 16 years in prison after he beat his six-week old daughter and put her in a freezer. Thankfully, the child was discovered in the freezer before it was too late and has since made a full recovery. 


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