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Parents Charged With Murder Of Six-Month-Old Girl

A North Carolina couple accused of abusing their 6-month-old daughter are now facing murder charges.

Khloe Alice Dean, the daughter of Steven Glenn Dean and Morgan Lyndsay Conn, both 34, died April 28 at Levine Children's Hospital after being admitted on March 24, WBTV reported. The entire time Khloe spent in the hospital, she was in critical condition.

A search warrant was issued for the couple's home and both Steven and Morgan were arrested and charged with felony child abuse. Khloe's injuries may have been caused by shaking.

"What the detectives have been telling me is that somebody had picked the baby up by her arms, and shook her violently so bad, that it was like they threw her off a two story building," Donnie Osborne, Dean's brother-in-law, said, adding that Khloe's death was devastating news for him to hear.

According to a GoFundMe page established for Khloe's funeral expenses by Trey Conn, she was a triplet. It says the injuries she sustained were broken bones and severe brain trauma, requiring the baby girl to be on life support.

Upon the couple's arrest, the district attorney said that he would be presenting murder charges to the grand jury.

Morgan's brother told WBTV that he believed a murder charge would only be brought against Steven. A sheriff's office official expected both parents to be charged with murder.

The official was correct.

Both Steven and Morgan have been charged with the murder of their daughter, Khloe, WBTV reports. The indictment was made three days after her death by the district attorney.

"If he done it, I have no remorse for him. If she done it, I have no remorse for her," Donnie said of Steven and Morgan.

Jenna Bullman, a neighbor of Steven and Morgan who performed CPR on Khloe the day she was taken to the hospital, is upset over the situation.

"This whole time I've been angry. You never know who's living right next door," she said.

There were eight children living in Steven and Morgan's home, according to family and neighbors. They have all been placed in the care of the Department of Social Services.

Jenna believes all the children are victims.

"They don't understand what's going on. They know they're not with their mommy and daddy," she said.

Steven and Morgan were being held on $150,000 bond for the child abuse charges. Whether the bond changed when the murder charge was brought forward is unknown.

Sources:  WBTV (2), GoFundMe / Photo credit: Rick Kimpel/Flickr

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