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Parents Charged After Kids Test Positive For Meth


A man and woman from South Carolina were arrested on Jan. 25 after it was confirmed their 2-year-old and 10-month-old children had methamphetamine in their systems, according to Union County authorities.

The Department of Social Services tested the children’s hair samples on Jan. 11 and the results were positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Hair specimens collected from the father, Ethan Smith, 25, also tested positive for the drugs. Smith and the children's mother, Alaina Hines, 25, were each charged with two counts of subjecting a minor to methamphetamine, reports WHNS.

In 2012, a couple in Washington State were arrested for exposing their 1-year-old to second-hand meth smoke, according to KCPQ. Police records state that Danielle Lacey and Brandon Leslie were charged with endangerment with a controlled substance, criminal mistreatment and incest. The incest charges come from the fact that the couple share the same mother.

In 2014, a Slovak couple fed their 1-year-old child crystal meth to stop him from crying. Silvia Strnadova, 26, and Miroslav, 30, took the comatose baby to the hospital, but it was too late -- the child was left brain-dead and had to be kept alive via life support machine, according to Daily Mail.

Sources: WHNS, KCPQ, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Union Co. Sheriff’s Office via WHNS

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