Couple Arrested For Ignoring Daughter's 17 Rotten Teeth

Couple Arrested For Ignoring Daughter's 17 Rotten Teeth Promo Image

A Florida couple has been charged with child neglect after police say they willfully ignored their daughter's dental needs, resulting in her living with 17 rotten teeth. 

Jeremie Maloy, 31, and Cynthia Maloy, 32, were arrested after a police investigation found they had ignored repeated offers from school officials in Bay County to help their daughter get the dental work she needed, according to the Panama City News Herald. 

The couple were released on $1,500 bail and were ordered to have no contact with their daughter. It is currently unclear if the girl is staying with relatives or is in the custody of the state. The age of the girl has also not been released. 

According to Bay County Sheriff's Office reports obtained by the Panama City News Herald, police had been investigating the Maloys since January. The investigation was launched after the girl started the 2016 school year with "severely decayed teeth."

The state of the girl's teeth had been an issue for years, according to statements her teachers gave police. The girl complained daily about tooth pain and could only eat soft foods.

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Before the couple's arrest, school officials came to their house to offer assistance arranging dental care for the girl. 

"On each of these visits, school officials offered to arrange transportation for the Maloys to tend to the child's dental needs," the reports state. "The Maloys never took advantage of this offer for the sake of the child, but Cynthia Maloy did ask for rides to the nearby dollar store to buy cigarettes and food." 

In March, Cynthia took her daughter to a doctor, but told the doctor that the girl had been turned away by dentists because her teeth were in such bad condition. However, the Maloys had refused to sign permission slips sent from their daughter's school that would have allowed her to see a dentist for free, according to People.

In October, police opened a new investigation into the Maloys as they had made "no efforts to correct the child's teeth," the reports state. The girl's adult teeth had begun to grow and they were overlapping her "rotten, ruptured teeth." 

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Although the Maloys had repeatedly turned down offers of assistance from school officials, they told police that their daughter had not been to a dentist because they were having trouble making appointments. 

"When asked why necessary extractions were not performed, Cynthia and her husband Jeremie, gave vague excuses about changes in insurance and a lack of transportation," reports state. "Throughout this time, Jeremie admitted that he was aware of the child's decayed teeth and that his wife was having difficulty making necessary appointments." 

It remains unclear if the girl will suffer any further tooth damage or health issues after the extraction of her rotten teeth.

Sources: Panama City News Herald, People / Featured Image: Senior Airman George Goslin/U.S. Air Force / Embedded Images: Bay County Sheriff's Office via People, Airman 1st Class Ashlee Galloway/U.S. Air Force

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