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Little Girl Practices Shooting Gun (Video)

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Video (below) of a little girl in Texas holding and shooting a handgun is sparking controversy.

In the clip, titled "The Firearm Princess," the child practices loading and firing a gun while her father watches.

"After our daughter finished her regular dry fire practice we play speed and skill games for the time," he said. "The speed reload game helps her find her sights fast and get off a shot and also helps with the speed that she actually does reload."

Some viewers praised the girl and her father.

"In the land of guns, learning to use them safely can only be good as long as the right attitude on when to use them is also instilled," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

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"Gun control should begin in kindergarten and requires a steady hand and a good eye," added another. "This little girl is far more proficient than most police officers I've served with and I'm so very glad this clip has been shown. Something to strive for."

"My brother taught his daughter the same way," wrote a third. "She is now a sheriff."

"It's best to learn these life skills, yes life skills, young," commented another person. "Since living on my own as a young woman, I have been harassed by random men. They feel non threaten by approaching a woman. Becuase of this, I want to be able to defend myself. Doesn't mean, I'd use it. But it might make those bad men back off. And it would definitely protect me. This girl's dad is protecting her."

Others blasted the parent for letting his child hold a dangerous weapon.

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"Overwhelming odds she'll shoot herself or kill a loved one before she ever needs it to protect herself," sarcastically commented one person. "But cool family!"

"I own a gun and go to the target range," wrote another. "I am an adult woman. NO child this age should be handling a gun. The worst is when children are also shooting at the gun range. There is no need for it. Nothing more than an accident waiting to happen. I will leave the range when kids show up."

"She'll be shooting classmates in no time... I hope it's all on video so they'll play it at her parents' trial," added a third.

"Dumb," commented a fourth person. "Way to go America. replace the gun with a book about history, languages, being a better person instead of instilling fear and hate in her assuring her she NEEDS to know how to use a weapon. thats the problem with our present and future, right there."

Sources: Daily Mail, ViralHog/YouTube / Photo credit: Peretz Partensky/Flickr, ViralHog/YouTube

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