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Parents Arrested For Leaving Children In 'Deplorable' Feces-Filled Home With No Food (Photos)

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A Washington couple was arrested and charged with criminal mistreatment and abandoning dependents after their children were found alone in their filthy, animal feces-filled home with no food or heat.

Mark Dorson and Amanda Foley, both 33 years old, were arrested after Lake Stevens police responded to a call on Jan. 30 about “possible child neglect” at the couple’s home.

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“When they arrived, they spoke with a 7-year-old female who was padlocked inside the house, from the inside,” a statement from police read. The release said that when officers entered the home, they “found three children, ages 7, 3, and 11 months, abandoned and living in deplorable conditions. They were surrounded by animal feces and garbage with no heat or food present.”

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The children were reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. A nurse that treated them said the infant might have died if he had remained in the unheated home for another day.

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The children were placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. Police located the parents in a nearby town soon after making the disturbing discovery and subsequently arrested them.

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