Watch: Police Arrest Couple For Neglecting Child's Sunburn (Video)

Alabama foster parents on vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida, were reportedly arrested and charged with child neglect Thursday afternoon after staff at the Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach Shores told police their small children were badly burnt from the sun and that their parents appeared to be too busy drinking alcohol to tend to the problem.

Rebecca and Mounir El-Rhazouani are the foster parents of two children, ages 2 and 5, and were visiting Florida from Alabama when the incident took place, reports WKMG Local 6. Hotel staff say they were intoxicated and sitting by the pool drinking beers while their children appeared to be badly sunburnt and dehydrated.

"The child wanted to get out of the sun so bad that it was literally running to that door over there, screaming, trying to get into the door, and the father would not take the child inside," a hotel security officer can be hearding telling police in video footage from the police officer's body-cam (shown below).

The video footage also shows police approaching the parents to question them. At the time, the children were reportedly in their hotel room, alone, with beer and a pocket-knife in the same room.

The woman reportedly told police her child has eczema, which she said explained why his face appeared to be badly burnt. 

"My poor babies, oh, my gosh, my poor babies," Rebecca El-Rhazouani can be heard telling police in the video. "I was going to put them to bed, I promise, I was going to get my stuff and put them to bed. Oh my gosh." 

The mom claims she brought her children to the room and only left them to go back downstairs and get her belongings. But the police officer who responded to the call says the couple was sitting by the pool when he found them, reports AL.com.

The parents were charged with two counts of child neglect. They have since been released from Volusia County jail after posting bail. It isn't clear how long they've been foster parents and how their arrest will affect the custody of the children. 

Sources: WKMG Local 6, AL.com

Photo Credit: PBS.twimg.com


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