Parents Arrested After Freezing Child Found In Woods

Parents Arrested After Freezing Child Found In Woods Promo Image

Police arrested a Louisiana couple after their 3-year-old son went missing for the third time in one week.

Sheldon Baker wandered the woods alone for nearly five hours on Dec. 15 before a woman found him freezing in the woods, reports WKRG.

His parents, Sylvia and Shane Baker, were later arrested, reports the Miami Herald.

It was the third time that week their child wandered off unsupervised.

"This is actually the third time this has happened this week," Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard said. "And, each time he had to be located. One time, he was found at a neighbor’s home."

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Tanya Bankston joined police, a helicopter and other volunteers to find the child for the third time. She eventually stumbled upon Sheldon in the woods about a mile away from his home in Albany.

"He was freezing cold and said he wanted to go home and he was hungry," she recalls. "He was scared as his feet were blood red swollen. He had on shorts and a T-shirt and no shoes on."

Sheldon was hospitalized. Shortly after he recovered, child protective services took Sheldon in.

His parents were each booked with child desertion and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, The Times Picayune reports. Bail for each was set at $1,500.

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A few days later, authorities found themselves immersed in another case involving a child that wandered off.

Across the country, Paul Kevin Rozier -- an autistic 7-year-old in Hawaii -- wandered away from home. He drowned in a pool and was found dead on Christmas Day, reports WWSB.

The Roziers were out Christmas shopping and their son was at their home with cousins when he vanished.

The family asked the community in Mililani, Oahu, to help find the child, and people turned up in droves.

"His teachers, his therapists and behavioral techs and just random people who heard us calling for him on the street and asked what was happening were searching," said the boy's father, Paul.

"People who've never really been to Mililani came," said Jasmine Rozier, the boy's mother. "People who have never met us, who probably we may never see again. We just wanted to say thank you for not making us feel alone in one of the worst times of our lives."

Sadly, the search team eventually found the child in a backyard pool at an empty home about a half mile away from the family's house.

"This is not how we wanted this to end," said the boy's father.

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