Parents Angered After School Sends 100 Kids Home For Minor Uniform Violation


School dress code violation stories are in full swing with the start of a new school year. Today’s tale comes out of Bilston, England where over 100 kids were sent home from the first day of school for wearing the wrong shoes to class.

Parents of children at the Coseley School were upset at the administration’s strict dress code enforcement and claim they were only informed of the new rules the night before the first day of class.

The new dress code rule stated that students had to wear all black dress shoes. When many students showed up to school wearing black tennis shoes, they weren’t given a warning or told to wear different shoes the next day. Instead, they were sent home on the spot.

Some parents say this left their children with nowhere to go for hours.

“Ellian is 13 but was sent home from school without a key, while me and my husband were at work,” one mother said.

Another parent said she was never told her son was sent home. She only found out after seeing a group of kids from his school walking around town in the middle of the day.

“I was in Coseley at Subway and I saw lots of kids. I asked them what they were doing and they said they had been sent home,” the parent said.

Numerous students posed for pictures while holding up the shoes that earned them a trip home. Here’s a few of them:

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(via Jonathan Hipkiss)

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(via Jonathan Hipkiss)

When interviewed by Mirror, one parent said the strict uniform enforcement misses the point of school.

“I think it's disgraceful. They are black formal shoes that he's got now, and what have they got to do with him looking at a blackboard, reading and writing?” the parent said. “I'm not going out and buying any more, I'm putting my foot down and he's wearing them. Why should I pay out again when there's nothing wrong with his current pair?”

Sources: Mirror, MailOnline

Photo credit: Jonathan Hipkiss, Newsteam


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