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Parents And Grandmother Arrested After Six Children Found Living In Filthy Home

Disturbing reports say that six children in Florida were found living in an unimaginably filthy home, and now, their mother, father and grandmother have all been arrested.

Delthy A. Graham, 50 was arrested and charged with child neglect after authorities discovered her six grandchildren living in the home filled with feces, roaches and trash as well as no electricity. DaQuan N. Smith, 35, was also charged with child neglect, and the children’s mother, 32-year-old Eboni S. Tucker-Smith, was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for perjury charges.

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Police reportedly went to the home after the local energy company cut off their power due to thousands of dollars in unpaid bills. Upon arriving at the home, authorities found the family living there and discovered that the six children were squatting in complete filth.

“There was old and current dog feces on the floors and beds of which appeared to be where the children slept,” police explained. “In two children's bedrooms the beds were old and dirty with mold and rust stains on them. I observed insects on top of the beds (roaches) and rotting food on the floors and the beds.

“The backyard of the home was filled with garbage bags, these bags had rotten food, roaches and I observed a rodent inside a fast food bag,” the police report continued.

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The family was reportedly stealing water from a neighbor’s home during their time squatting at the residence.

The Department of Children and Family Services reportedly turned the six children over to a family member, and now, the grandmother and the parents have been released on bond.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Orlando Sentinel / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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