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Parents of Alleged Maryville Rapist Speak Out, Claim Their Son is the Victim

The parents of the football player at the center of an alleged sexual assault have finally spoken up.

The Missouri case sparked national attention in March of 2012 when Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice dropped all felony charges against Barnett due to a lack of evidence and the Colemans’ refusal to cooperate with investigators.

Daisy Coleman, then 14, claims Matthew Barnett gave her large amounts of colorless alcohol and then forced her to have sex with him. Barnett, then 17, argues that the sexual relations with Daisy were consensual. Daisy’s 13-year-old friend said she was forced to have sex with another boy, Jordan Zech. One of the Barnett’s friends recorded the entire incident on his video camera.

The next morning, Daisy’s mother Melinda Coleman found her daughter passed out and frostbitten on her front lawn. According to the Daily Mail, Melinda carried her daughter inside and undressed her to give her a warm bath, then noticed that Daisy was bruised and red around her genital area.

“I knew what had happened straight away, it was devastating,” her mother said.

Earlier this week, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder requested that the jury “take another look” at the sexual assault case. After a surge of public backlash, Rice announced Wednesday that he wants to reopen the investigation with a special prosecutor.

Now the parents of the Matthew Barnett are lashing out.

Matthew’s mother Shirley Barnett claims that the allegations against her son are inaccurate and misrepresented, reports The Inquistr. She even criticized Melinda Coleman for accusing the Barnett family of getting charges dropped due to their popularity in the Missouri town.

“This whole thing is one sided because that is the way they have chosen it to be,” school teacher Shirley, 50, told MailOnline.

“The more you dig, you will get closer to the truth,” she said. “It is not on the surface, you’re going to have to dig for it, unfortunately we can’t help with that because that is not our personality.”

“I teach school and I teach people in my class, you treat people the way you want to be treated,” she added.

Matthew Barnett’s father claimed that the case has been spun out completely of proportion.

“There are hundreds of cases across the nation,” he said. “My kid is being assassinated. The way this has all been spun, for example my son being a football star, he was not a football star, he was a back up.”

Matthew’s father added that this case has been incredibly hard on his son and his family.

“Is Matthew OK?” said Mr. Barnett. “How can you go through this and be OK, you can’t go through this experience and be OK … You can’t have your picture plastered all over the world news and be portrayed as something when you know in your heart what happened and be OK. How can anybody in our family be OK over this?”

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