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Parents Alarmed By Man Filming Kids At School, Police Say He’s Not Breaking The Law (Video)

Parents in Maple Valley, Wash., are concerned about a man who has been standing outside Lake Wilderness Elementary School and filming their kids nearly every day for the last month.

The man won’t say why he’s filming, but authorities say he’s not breaking any laws.

The Tahoma school district says the man is Dustin Girten, who has two kids attending the school.

Girten was banned from entering school grounds after an outburst over traffic and bus congestion during pick-up and drop-off. Girten allegedly “used abusive language” against school staff. Now he stands outside school grounds filming each day.

"We've told parents we're aware of this gentleman," said Kevin Patterson of the Tahoma School District. "We don't think he poses a threat to the students or staff or parents."

"He's not doing anything wrong," said King County Sheriff's Sgt. Cindy West. "It's the same as you. He has the right to be on public property and film if he wants to."

One mother took matters into her own hands and filmed a confrontation with Girten. In the video below, Cari Korpi says, “Apparently you’ve been out here almost every day for a month filming our kids and the traffic and the school buses.”

Girten puts down his camera and begins walking away, as Korpi follows.

“Why are you out here doing that? Because it’s a huge concern for me and my kids’ safety at this school if you’re going to be out there filming our children,” she asks.

“It’s none of your business,” Girten responds.

Cheryl Palmquist posted Korpi’s video on Facebook, where it received a great deal of attention from parents.

“The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was Sandy Hook,” Palmquist told KOMO. “And I thought, I don’t want to see anything like that happen to our school. We have to share this and get the word out there.”

Other parents have vowed to keep an eye on Girten until he stops filming their kids going to and from school.

“As I said to the reporters we need to help resolve his beef with the school, offer any help we can, so he can move on, his kids can come to school feeling welcomed, etc. [and] prevent the issue from continuing or escalating as it has for months now,” Korpi wrote on Facebook.

“Please rest easy knowing the right people are involved and say prayers for the man and his family that they can find peace in this matter,” she added.

Sources: KOMO News, TheBlaze


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