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Louisiana Parents Accuse Elementary School Of Lying About Their Unusual Detention Methods

Some parents from Northside Elementary School in Denham Springs, Louisiana, were reportedly banned from the school after accusing teachers of a "torturous" punishment during recess.

Amanda Foreman, a parent, said she was given a letter from JoAn Cook, the principal at the elementary school, banning her from the school.

"Me and my husband are banned from the school until the end of the school year," Foreman told WAFB News. "[Cook] told me that she did not appreciate me posting a story on Facebook or contacting the news."

The letter addresses an incident involving her 7-year-old son, Shane. Foreman posted a picture of her son allegedly reenacting his obscure punishment, which he received for misbehaving while riding the school bus.

"My daughter came home and said she saw him standing outside with his arms in the air," Foreman said.

The picture shows the boy holding two orange safety cones with his arms locked. He was reportedly forced to hold that position for 15 minutes while looking up into the sun. Her son couldn't perform the activity and had to quit after wiping some sweat off his face, according to Foreman.

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Another parent, John Bourgeois, said that both of his children were given the same punishment.

"In the paperwork they send home stating that you have to sign that they can have recess detention, it doesn't state that they're going to torture your child," Bourgeois said.

According to John Watson, Livingston Superintendent, both parents are lying. He said that the cone punishment was given to students in previous years with parental consent but said that the school stopped the method of recess detention this year.

"The student in question has not been required to hold cones as a result of recess detention," he said, referring to Foreman's son. 

Watson also claimed that the mother was banned for having harassed administration and staff at the school.

"He's fool of it. He's a flat out liar," Bourgeois said in response to Watson's claims.

Foreman is now contemplating homeschooling her child. Bourgeois is also considering taking his children out of the school, but he first wants to organize a conference with their teachers.

In May 2015, a Texan mother posted a picture of her child being punished by sitting in a "focus room" kept at "frigid" temperatures, The Bull 100.3 reported at the time. This punishment also came under scrutiny for resembling solitary confinement.

Sources: WAFB News, The Bull 100.3 / Photo credit: WAFB News


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