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Parents Of 3-Year-Old Who Was Mauled By Neighbors' Pit Bull Enraged Because They Won't Give Him Up

In August, 3-year-old Chase Loney of Prior Lake, Minnesota, was reportedly attacked by his neighbor’s pit bull while the family was at their home. Now the toddler’s parents are in a rage because they say their neighbors have refused to give up their dog.

Chase suffered injuries that required him to have 22 stitches on his face. As part of a deal created between his family and their neighbors, the dog owners reportedly agreed to pay for Chase’s medical expenses and get rid of the pit bull, reports the Daily Mail. In return, the family filed a police report, but did not press charges.

"We gave our neighbors the option," Chase's mom, Chandra Loney, told Fox 9, "[to] pay the medical bills and get rid of the dog, and we'll leave it alone. And they chose to keep the dog."

Loneys' neighbors reportedly spoke with Fox 9 and said they feel like they are being "bullied." The dog owner reportedly put up a fence and says he feels remorse for what happened to the little boy, but that his dog hasn't acted in a violent manner since August and they do not want to give him up.

The Loneys say they will continue to fight their neighbors on the issue because there are many children who live in their neighborhood and they don’t feel it is safe for them to be in such close proximity to the pit bull. They are reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against their neighbors.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 9/Photo Credit: Steph Skardal/Flickr, Fox 9


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