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Parents Of 3-Year-Old Shot In The Head: 'Don't Bash Us As Parents'

The parents of a 3-year-old Miami, Florida, boy who reportedly accidentally shot himself in the head with a loaded gun in their home are asking the public to not judge them on their parenting decisions.

“Don’t bash us as parents, because we are good parents,” Darnel Mundy’s mother said. “Just pray for my son.”

Mundy shot himself on Tuesday morning with the gun his parents claim they keep for self defense, Inquisitr reports. 

"We both have firearms," Mundy’s mother, Dorphise Jean, said. "We always secure it, and just one day my son wants to start exploring the room and start touching everything. It was a tall drawer, secured. He climbed a chair."

Mundy was reportedly looking for his iPad when he found the gun and shot himself.

"I heard a bang," Jean said. "Me and him jump out the bed, I grab my son. He grabbed my son, and he was out the door before me."

His parents rushed him to the hospital following the accident and police were notified, reports WSVN.

The child was apparently conscious during the drive and crying.

"Apparently, at about 6:10 this morning, we received a call from Jackson Memorial Hospital," said Miami police spokesperson Frederica Burden. "The county officers there telling us that they had a 4-year-old shot. We responded to the hospital and did find out that we had a juvenile that was shot and responded to this location and found that there was evidence that a juvenile had been shot."

Mundy's mother is distraught over her son’s state but thankful for the care he is receiving.

"When we got here, the medical staff just grabbed him so quick," Jean said. "You know, me and his father were very emotional. They placed him on the bed, and I thank you guys for that, and he's in surgery, so please pray for him. My son, he's my everything. I love you, Darnell, please stay with me."

Investigators removed a gun from the Mundys' home and are investigating whether a 3-year-old would be capable of pulling the trigger.

Sources: Inquisitr, WSVN / Photo credit: Inquisitr


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