Parent Assaults Man Who Allegedly Exposed Himself To Child At San Jose Park (Video)

A man was caught on tape being assaulted by a parent after he allegedly exposed himself to the parent’s child in a park bathroom, and now, the parent could face charges.

CBS San Francisco reports that the incident happened in San Jose’s Fowler Creek Park when the man was confronted by a group of people. One man accused him of exposing himself to his son, and the man, who reportedly doesn’t speak English, was assaulted by the angry parent.

The man pleads with the parent to let him go, but the angry father doesn’t back down as a group blocks his escape. Finally, the angry dad takes one last hard swing at the man before letting him go.

The entire incident was caught on cell phone camera, and now, San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol says that they are investigating two different crimes.

“Our assaults unit has viewed the video,” said San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol. “There’s really two parts to the investigation, the alleged indecent exposure and the assault that we can see on the video.  So there are two crimes we are investigating.”

Locals say that the incident was disturbing and that there are usually a lot of children at the park with their families.

“I bring my kids here, we have barbecues here. It’s shocking,” said neighbor and witness Hector Medina. “You couldn’t really understand what the man who was being assaulted was saying for himself. And the man doing the assaulting, he should have handled it in a different way.”

Police are currently investigating the incident and say they are looking to see if more people were involved. So far, neither the man who allegedly exposed himself nor the parent who assaulted him is facing any charges.

Sources: CBS San Francisco, Veooz


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