Paramedic's Worst Nightmare Becomes A Reality


An Australian paramedic experienced his worst nightmare -- getting an emergency call to his own house.

Pete Keach was at work in June 2012 when a call came in, taking him to his home. His wife, Georgie, called an ambulance after their son, Sam, was found lifeless in his bed.

"I heard the call come over the radio and I knew that if it wasn't Sam it would be one of the kids from the mother's group," Keach told Daily Mail Australia.

"I tried to call Georgie but the home phone wasn't answering. So I tried to call the mobile, it was engaged so I just hoped Georgie was talking to her sister. But I found out later she was on the phone to the 000 call [emergency center]."

Keach, who had only been at work for 45 minutes when the call came in, soon found out his son had died from sudden infant death syndrome.

"I would have been the closest ambulance, so they dispatched the next closest, which was coming from Mornington, [20-25 miles] away," he told the Herald Sun.

"I got to hear the call, the initial situation report, so I knew what the rhythm of his heart was. Babies’ hearts usually stop for an unknown reason so my instant thoughts were for Georgie, because I knew there was not much that could happen for Sam and she was home alone. That was more distressing for me."

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Four years after Sam's death, Keach attended his first SIDS call since that night. He told the Daily Mail that the call helped him process what the night of his son's passing.

"The way the mother reacted and presented put the whole picture together for me," he said. "The family was in shock it was literally like they were having a bad dream and thought they would wake up soon only to realize they were already awake."

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Keach said it wasn't until after that call ended that he was affected by what had happened.

"You are in clinical mode when you are on the scene but after I left the hospital I could see parts of the story which were similar," he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Herald Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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