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Parade Canceled After Southern Colorado Patriots Club Threatens Armed March

Westcliffe, Colorado has canceled its annual 4th of July parade because the Southern Colorado Patriots Club promised to carry guns during the event.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club recently sent out a flier that told its members to "make a statement that we still believe in our Constitution" and to bring unloaded rifles "especially the evil black ones."

After some citizens started a petition to stop the Southern Colorado Patriots Club from marching, the Custer County Chamber of Commerce canceled the parade, reports the Denver Post.

Apparently, the petition and the fact that on Monday two new gun control laws will go into effect were just too much for the little town.

The two new laws include the Colorado magazine bill (limiting gun magazines to 15 bullets) and a background check for all transfers and sales of guns.

"[The 4th of July] actually is the busiest day for our merchants the whole year," said Westcliffe Mayor Christy Veltrie. "We're not a big enough community to be divided like that."

Sources: and Denver Post


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