Pizza Delivery Driver Takes Lost Dog Home - Opposing Views

Pizza Delivery Driver Takes Lost Dog Home


A pizza delivery driver reunited a lost dog with his owner after finding the animal on a snowy street, miles from his home, making a stop to deliver a pizza on the way.

"I was on my way to deliver a pizza when I saw this little old man running across 4 lanes of traffic," delivery driver Steven Donovan said on Reddit of the elderly dog, named Snickers. "Mr. Snickers helped me deliver the pizza and then I delivered him home 2.5 miles from where I found him."

Donovan shared a photo of the black dog with gray patches of fur next to a Papa John's delivery vehicle. He said he managed to return Snickers to his home thanks to an address on the other side of his collar.

"His humans were not home and I left him with the neighbors who recognized him and said they would get him to his owners because I was mid shift and I had to return to the store," Donovan wrote in a follow up post. "Maybe since this post has now blown up his owners will see it and know who brought him home!"

Donovan said he was worried he might get in trouble for having a dog in a car while he was delivering food, but he couldn't simply let Snickers run in the traffic.

"Well I had him for a good 20 minutes driving around, I figured someone would get upset about me having a dog in a car delivering food or that my boss would see I drove way off my route to return him and get in trouble," Donovan recalled. "But I didn't care I'm quitting in a couple weeks anyways and hitting the road. I have a strict policy of stopping and chasing stray dogs I see."

"Did you give him a slice?" asked one user who responded to Donovan's post.

"He was such a good boy and didn't even ask, I was a little worried he might be tempted but he just sat on my lap and looked out the window," Donovan replied. "When I started getting close to his house he recognized the neighborhood and started wagging his tail and running around the car."

Donovan added that although he is leaving his job at Papa John's, there are perks to being a delivery driver.

"It was always my favorite as a kid because of the garlic sauce, I guess you could say I'm working at my childhood dream job, so much free pizza," he said.

In a similar story from 2010, a Dominos delivery driver reunited a dog with its owner after she saw it wandering on a cold night.

Driver Katie Austin reportedly found the dog as she was making a delivery nearby, and after police said they were unable to help, Austin told HopNews that she brought the dog into her car and took care of him overnight before returning him to his owner the next day.

"He looked really old, and I couldn't just let him wander around and freeze," said Austin. "I can't just drive by an animal that needs help and leave it there."

Sources: Reddit, HopNews/YouTube / Photo credit: StevenDonovan/Reddit

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