Papa John’s Deliveryman Ramon Rodriguez Busted For Selling Cocaine On The Job

Some people like cheesesticks with their pizza. Others favor buffalo wings. In Brooklyn, some pizza-lovers were getting something else on the side - cocaine.

Police arrested Papa John’s deliveryman Ramon Rodriguez after he allegedly sold undercover cops a kilo of cocaine worth $27,500 during a pizza run. The 45-year-old worked in the neighborhood of Sunset Park and it has been reported that he often complained that his cocaine sales got in the way of his pizza deliveries.

Rodriguez would stash the drugs in Papa John’s menus, pizza boxes or an insulated pizza delivery bag. After searching the suspect’s home, police walked away with $4,500 in cash and some drug paraphernalia. They also found a small amount of cocaine in his car.

The city’s special narcotics prosecutor’s office said that Rodriguez sold cocaine to undercover cops on 19 occasions beginning in the fall of 2011. The kilo sale was the largest one to date.

Many of the deals were caught on video. In the clips, Rodriguez is often seen wearing his red Papa John’s polo shirt, The New York Daily News reported.

Rodriguez's co-workers were shocked by the bust.

“He used to hit us for money for food and gas,” said Mohammad Ali, the manager of the Sunset Park Papa John’s. “We were always giving him $20 to $30 at a time. He was a nice guy . . . a good guy. He was the best driver I got. He was clean, never high.”

Sources: The New York Daily News, The Huffington Post


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