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Pantsless Florida Woman Steals Boxed Wine From Grocery Store

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Florida woman Desiree Taylor was arrested Monday after she walked into a Publix grocery store without pants on and stole two boxes of wine.

The 35-year-old walked into the Ocala store with only a T-shirt and flip flops, barely turning heads. She then allegedly proceeded to steal $42 worth of boxed wine.

When the store manager attempted to stop Taylor, she took a swing at him and ran away.

Taylor was later arrested, for the second time in two months, and charged with disorderly conduct and petty theft.

In a previous case, the woman was charged with battery of an officer.

Taylor is currently being held on $1,000 bond.

The unusual thief was caught just one week after a different Florida woman was filmed at a St Petersburg McDonald’s wearing only a pair of underwear.

Sources: NY Daily News, ABC News


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