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Pants Forgotten In Minneapolis Reach Groom In Costa Rica Just In Time For Wedding

A Minnesota shop recently went the extra mile after a customer forgot his wedding pants at the store and flew off to get married in Costa Rica.

Judd Frost, of Judd Frost Clothiers in Wayzata, realized that first-time customer Jason Anderson forgot his $500 tan suit pants in a changing room and was determined to deliver them. FedEx, UPS and airline package couldn’t help, so Frost enlisted the help of his 32-year-old daughter to hand deliver the pants.

Jessie Frost endured an 11-hour plane ride and a bumpy trip on back roads before reaching the beach resort of Las Brisas. There she handed the pants to Anderson, 32, and his bride-to-be Heather Spaeth, 32, who were set to wed on Monday.

“We are incredibly speechless,” Spaeth emailed Judd Frost.

The bride and groom didn’t notice his pants were missing until Frost messaged Spaeth on Facebook this past Sunday afternoon. They were even more surprised to hear the pants would be hand delivered by a special courier that day.

The groom had purchased his $1,300 suit jacket, vest, tailored white-patterned shirt, tie, alligator help and cuff links. The only thing missing were his pants.

“I didn’t want them to try and find something else. He is really hard to fit. He’s a big kid,” Frost said.

As for his daughter Jessie, she and her fiancé, Jeff Arndt, got to attend the Las Brisas destination wedding and visit a cousin in Costa Rica.

But Jessie Frost did feel the pressure as she was on her way to hand deliver the pants.

“I feel like I am carrying treasure through the jungle,” she said via email Sunday. “It’s pretty intense, but feels pretty great.”

While Judd Frost has flown around the country to fit customers, Costa Rica was definitely a first.

“We just want to take care of people so they have a great experience,” Frost said. “It’s a big day for them. We certainly weren’t going to disappoint them.”

Source: Star Tribune


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