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Panhandler Gary Thompson Reportedly Makes $100K Per Year Pretending to be Disabled

It’s because of people like Gary Thompson that some folks don’t like to give money to homeless people.

Texas born Thompson now resides in Lexington, Kentucky, where he reportedly makes up to $100,000 a year pretending to be mentally and physically handicapped.

According to The Daily Mail, he gets around in a wheelchair -- which he claims he needs because he has difficulty walking -- and has learned to maneuver his hands in a way that suggest he has a hard time using them as well.

With his degree in speech pathology he has figured out a way to mimic a mentally disabled person, and he also pretends to have difficulty understanding. Naturally, he manages to illicit a lot of sympathy. The only problem is that unlike him, the sympathy is real.

Thompson was in a motorcycle accident in 1993 and got awarded $2.4 million in a lawsuit tied to the accident. Not surprisingly, he uses the accident as a part of his fake sob story, telling those he panhandles from that his family took the money that was given to him when he was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident.

Thompson is not paralyzed and he helped his family spend the money.

Even though people have called him out on his scheme, Thompson doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“I appreciate you guys busting me,” he told a reporter. “Yeah, I’m really good at it, really good. I clear about 100,000 dollars a year doing this.”

“I am normal, it just helps to be mentally handicapped,” he continued.

The Daily Mail reports that after being confronted by LEX 18 News, “he showed no remorse and simply wheeled himself off to beg right in front of a police station.”

(Daily Mail)


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