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Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich Trying To Eat On Food Stamp Budget For One Week

The founder, chairman and CEO at Panera Bread can likely spend whatever he wants on food, but he’s not going to for one week in an effort to raise awareness about how many people receive food stamps.

Ron Shaich on Saturday began living off of just $4.50 a day, what he says is the average daily benefit for someone on food stamps, according to The Blaze.

Shaich effort, called the called the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Challenge is designed to raise awareness that “nearly 48 million people receive food stamps and 16 million children go to bed hungry.”

He’s also blogging about the challenge on LinkedIn and sharing details about his fears.

“After just a few minutes walking the aisles of the store, the concern set in that I may not be able to sustain myself for the next seven days,” Shaich wrote. “Thirty one dollars and fifty cents, the weekly budget, didn’t feel so insignificant until I actually started filling – and editing – what was ultimately a barren shopping cart.”

Shaich shared the list of items that he purchased for the week and his total came to $25.95. He admitted there’s a good chance he’ll use his remaining dollars on a sugar fix at some point during the week.

“My goal is merely to help bring awareness to the issue and spark deeper conversations about food insecurity and possible solutions – discussions that organizations like Feeding America are driving every day.”

The Blaze also reported that on Saturday, Shaich provided an update, saying the first day of “constraints as to how much I could eat in any one sitting turned me into a clock-watcher.”

Sources: The Blaze, LinkedIn


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