Panel Determines That Footage Shows Legendary Lake Monster In Iceland (Video)


A 2012 video allegedly depicted a legendary lake monster called Lagarfljótsormur, and now, a 13-member panel in Iceland has confirmed the authenticity of what the clip shows.

Reports say that the panel reviewed the grainy clip and determined by a seven to six vote that the creature shown in the video is in fact Lagarfljótsormur.

The legendary Icelandic lake monster goes back to the year 1345, and since then, it’s been reported on numerous times. As Slate reports, the person who captured the video is now entitled to a small reward because of the panel’s ruling. A researcher in Finland, however, claims that the footage actually depicts a fishing net caked in ice.

Check out the clip below and decide for yourself whether or not it shows Lagarfljótsormur.

Sources: Huffington Post, Slate


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