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Pamela Smith Suing Michael Jordan For Child Support, Alleges He Fathered Her Son

Pamela Smith is claiming that Michael Jordan is the father of her 16-year-old son, Taj. She has filed documents demanding that the Hall of Fame basketball player submit to a paternity test. She is also suing Jordan for child support. The paperwork has been filed in Georgia. According to the suit, Smith is claiming that she had sex with Jordan in 1995 while he was still married to his former wife Juanita Vanoy. Jordan has three children with Vanoy.

Taj, whose legal name is Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, was born in June of 1996. He is an aspiring rapper and he also insists that Jordan is his father. In a video that he posted on YouTube last month, Taj said he was Jordan's son. He also claims that he has been in touch with the basketball superstar. Taj has said that he wants Jordan to be a bigger part of his life, reports The Daily Mail.

In addition to child support payments, Smith is seeking money for Taj's medical expenses. She is also asking the judge who is handling the case to legally change her son’s last name to Jordan. Representatives for Jordan have declined to comment on Smith's claims.

Jordan is engaged to Yvette Prieto. The couple is scheduled to get married next month.

Jordan, quite possibly the greatest basketball player of all time, has been involved in at least one other paternity suit in the past. In 1991 Karla Knafel claimed that Jordan was the father of her child and took him to court. A DNA test proved that Knafel’s assertion was false.

Jordan is currently the chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats. He is also a partial owner of the team. Because of his extreme wealth and enormous fame Jordan would seem to be an ideal candidate to be hit with false paternity suits. It is unclear how this one will play out.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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