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Pam Anderson's Top Actions for Animals in 2010

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Pamela Anderson is unstoppable! Here are just some of the things this angel for animals did on behalf of PETA this year:

Jumping through hoops to fight against animal abuse, she urged Chile's prez to ban animal circuses and turned a Dancing With the Starspaso doble into an opportunity to speak out against bullfighting!

"Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ...." And now the vegan soy milkshake that she created brings all the customers to West Hollywood's Millions of Milkshakes.

The curvaceous Canuck tried her luck at ending Canada's annual seal slaughter by delivering a petition to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and asking Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to ban Canadian seal pelts.

There's a reason that this pup loves Pam: The kindhearted actor adopted her after helping PETA rescue dozens of dogs and cats who were displaced by the BP oil spill.

Pam's hot "All Animals Have the Same Parts" ad was a hit when it was unveiled in the U.K. and got even more media attention when it was banned in Montréal.   

Always on the go, the golden-haired globetrotter spoke out against fur in Israel and leather in India.

From her recent tweet about NASA's decision to nix its primate radiation experiments to her letters calling on Congress to ban experiments on monkeys, Pam's actions in behalf of animals are always inspiring, and she deserves a "chimp, chimp, hooray" for all that she does for them every day!

Which of these Pam-tastic actions inspires you the most?

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth


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