Palestinian Man Tortures Mouse for Eating Money, Real or Fake Picture?

A Palestinian man reportedly posted a bizarre picture of a mouse being strung up on Facebook because the rodent ate his money.

The torture picture shows the mouse with its legs spread apart and tied to what appears to be a ladder.

The mouse supposedly destroyed the man's weekly pay of three bills of 200 Israeli Shekels, which is about $168, that was hidden in a cupboard.

However, there are people claiming the picture is fake and appeared on websites earlier this year as a joke, notes the Daily Mail.

The picture and story was recently published on GulfNews.com, which seemed to justify the bizarre act of cruelty with an anti-Israeli message.

GulfNews.com wrote:

The man, who lives in Gaza but is originally from the city of Hebron in the West Bank, tied the mouse to ropes to avenge the mouse’s actions...

[The man's] actions come amid extreme and unprecedented economic conditions faced in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has delayed cashing in public worker salaries for several months in the West Bank due to shortages brought about in part by Israeli withholding of Palestinian funds.

Sources: Daily Mail and GulfNews.com


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