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Pakistani Woman Burned to Death After Family Rejected Marriage Proposal

A teenage Pakistani girl was killed Saturday by a man who set her on fire after his proposal to marry her was rejected.

Fayyaz Aslam, 22, entered the house of 18-year-old Sidra Shaukat, who was at the home with her parents. Because the family had rejected Aslam’s proposal, he splashed petrol onto Shaukat and set her on fire, according to Yahoo News.

Shaukat was taken to a local hospital, which told her relatives to take her to a main hospital. She died before reaching the main hospital.

Shaukat’s father, Shaukat Ali, claimed that Aslam had harassed his daughter in the past and had threatened the family after being rejected. Aslam has been arrested.

Pakistan’s Punjab province has seen other violent deaths recently. Just two days before Shaukat’s killing, 17-year-old Maafia Bibi and her husband, Muhammad Sajjad, were murdered by Bibi’s relatives, who disapproved of the marriage.

Source: Yahoo News


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