Pakistani Girl Married Off, Gangraped After Brother Elopes With Girl Of Different Caste


A young Pakistani girl was recently married off twice and raped in an act of revenge for her brother’s violation of the region’s caste system.

A 22-year-old man referred to as Sanaullah recently eloped with a woman belonging to a higher caste than his. The woman’s family was infuriated by their daughter’s socially downward marriage and called a village council meeting to discuss how to rectify the situation. The council ruled that Sanaullah’s younger sister would be forced to marry the eloped woman’s brother, Zahid Ali.

Before the girl and Zahid could be married, an accomplice of Zahid kidnapped the girl and had sex with her. Days later, Zahid’s family married the girl off to one of their cousins, Noor Ahmad.

After being given to Ahmad, Zahid and four of his family members brutally raped and tortured the girl. They allegedly gangraped her, stripped her naked, and tied her to a tree before calling her family to show them their daughter. Zahid’s family ordered Sanaullah to return their daughter in exchange for his sister.

All together, the young kidnapped girl was gone from her family for over a month. Her family reported the case to the local Lalian magistrate, who ordered a medical examination of her and opened up a police case.

Police confirmed that Zahid’s family did, in fact, force the girl to marry their son in retribution for their daughter's elopement. 

Source: Yahoo Pakistan, NDTV


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