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Bride’s Family Attacks, Ties Up And Ultimately Kills Newly-Married Couple

A Pakistani couple who married without the consent of their families was lured to the bride’s home with the promise of a family blessing, but was instead savagely murdered by her father.

The couple was tied up and their throats were slit with a scythe, police said.

Muafia Hussein, 17, and the man she loved married without the consent of their families in the village of Satrah.

Hussein’s family promised to give the couple their blessing at their home.

"When the couple reached there, they tied them with ropes," said police official Rana Zashid. "He [the girl's father] cut their throats."

Hussein’s family told police they were embarrassed by the non-arranged marriage. They said the man was from a less important tribe.

Her family was later arrested for the “honor killing,” a cultural tradition by which a family commits murder to avenge a slight to its reputation. The family elects one member to perform the killing, and they formally forgive the murderer after the killing is done.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said 869 honor killings have been reported in the last year.

Cultural tradition in Pakistan does not allow for women to choose their husbands and allows for capital punishment when a woman behaves immodestly.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reuters


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