Padi Restaurant Posted Photos of Bad Tippers, Insulting Comments on Web (Video)


The Padi Restaurant in Hockessin, Delaware, posted pictures of bad tippers, their receipts and insults on social networking sites.

According to the Daily Mail, the offensive postings appeared on restaurant manager Aaron Kwan's Instagram account and the restaurant's Facebook page.

For what it's worth: Kwan claims that he did not take the pictures, write messages or upload them. He believes one of his employees did it.

"It may be hacked because I left my iPad and stuff all around," Kwan told "Probably some other water or waitress got really mad."

Soon after DelawareOnline.comreported on the pictures and the insults, both the Instagram and Facebook accounts were deleted.

However, the Internet never forgets, especially when screenshots are taken (video below).

Some of the insults included: "#deuchbag alert," "#cheapass" and "#hillbillies." There were also anti-Semetic insults about Jewish customers.

Kwan regularly uploaded pictures of himself to Instagram, but now says he barely used the app.

Edward B. Rosenthal, an attorney representing the restaurant, wrote an open letter to customers, which said in part: "We sincerely apologize for those actions, and want the community to know that those actions and opinions are not consistent with our beliefs and values, nor are they welcome at our restaurant."

Rosenthal added that Kwan was placed on indefinite unpaid leave: "We're holding him responsible, but we feel there may have been other people."

Sources: and Daily Mail


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