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Package Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing From Front Steps

Two thieves were caught on camera stealing from houses in a neighborhood, and after police arrested them, it was discovered that they had already made off with 26 packages in total.

According to reports, a Detroit, Michigan man heard a noise outside of his home last week and went to check what it was. He noticed two young men outside of his house, and immediately, he called the police. As he waited for police to arrive, he decided to take out his phone and snap a picture of one as he stole a package off of a neighbor’s yard and ran away with it.

Ultimately, police were able to track down the two young men within minutes of the initial call, and after searching their vehicle, 26 items were found inside. The thieves, 19-year-old Brandon Ancell and 18-year-old Brandon Chait, had taken all of the items out of their boxes and thrown the boxes away so that they only had the merchandise.

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“If you are expected to receive packages through the mail, use tracking software that's available,” said Lt. John Michalke in a statement. ”If you're expecting packages, be aware, be on the lookout for your neighbors.”

Ancell and Chait were both charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft, and Ancell has additionally been charged with possession of marijuana. Both have since been released from police custody on $5,000 bail.

Sources:The Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun, Macomb County Sheriff’s Department / Photo Source: The Smoking Gun


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