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A Pack Of Wolves Attack This Woman, And You'll Want To See Why (Video)

Footage of a gamekeeper being attacked by a pack of wolves has gone viral, but it’s not at all what most are expecting

Anita is a gamekeeper at Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center in Norway, and after being away on maternity for nearly two months, she was reunited with a pack of wolves that she had gotten close with. A coworker captured the sweet reunion, and now, the video has gone viral.

Anita kneels on the ground while the pack of wolves runs over to greet her. They all excitedly lick her face and hug her while she accepts their love.

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The video has garnered almost five million views, and commenters seem to mostly be in awe of the pack’s behavior towards their gamekeeper.

“It's amazing to see how they show such compassion and affection towards the woman, but vocal and strict with their own,” pointed out one YouTube user.

Still, some others say they would never trust a pack of wolves like Anita does.

“Regardless of the seemingly happy reunion, I wouldn't trust this situation for a second,” commented another user. “Maybe I'll never get to experience the love of a pack of wolves, but I'll never experience being ripped apart by the same.”

Despite concerns from some, these wolves seem to really love Anita and don’t at all appear to pose a threat to her. Check out the awesome reunion video below.


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