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Pack of Pit Bulls Attack Cyclists in California

Two attacks on bicyclists by a pack of six or seven Pit Bulls or Pit Bull-mix dogs near the town of Delhi, California, have left a 49-year-old Modesto man hospitalized in serious condition.Delhi is located 20 miles southeast of Modesto, in California’s Central Valley andis the largest unincorporated town inMerced County.

Both attacks were reported the morning of July 4, within 30 minutes of each other. The first occurred around 8 a.m. on Clausen Road near Griffith, according to A Modesto man in his mid-40’s reported that the dog pack chased him while he was cycling, and one of the dogs bit him on the leg.

While Merced County Sheriff’s deputies and animal control officers were investigating that case, a second report came in that an attack had just occurred in the same area. It also involved a pack of at least six Pit Bull-type dogs that matched the same description.

The second attack was on a 50-year old man from Delhi, who said the Pit Bulls chased him, knocked him off his bicycle and mauled him. He had severe bite wounds on both arms, both legs and his torso, according to deputies.He was immediately taken to a Turlock hospital, where he is now reported in stable condition.

Sheriff’s deputies interviewed neighbors in the area and were told that a pack of dogs has been roaming the area recently and has been a problem. Six dogs were identified and seized from three different homes and are being held under quarantine. Officials told theLA Timesthat it appears they may have escaped their yards by jumping the back fences.

Sgt. Dover said the results of the deputies' investigation will be forwarded to the Merced County District Attorney to determine whether the dogs' owners will face criminal charges.



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